Twinterview with Stephanie (@StephHicks)

Stephanie Hicks is an environmental and land use lawyer from Oregon, who decided build awareness for sustainability and environmental impact by creating Peachy Green. Stephanie is the second of two eco-bloggers who will be exploring Fiji’s sustainable amenities during the FijiMe Tour. We were thrilled she could make time to talk to us about her blog, interests and upcoming tour.

Twitter Interview with Stephanie Hicks,

TourismFiji: We’re very excited to have our second eco-blogger @stephhicks of with us this morning. #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks is a lawyer, who loves the environment and blogs about sustainability and energy conservation. #FijiMe


TourismFiji: Thanks for joining us this morning, @stephhicks! #FijiMe


stephhicks: Hi @tourismfiji #fijime


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Before you became a blogger, you were an environmental and land use attorney. What inspired you to create an eco-blog? #FijiMe


WildJunket: Enjoy Fiji! RT @tourismfiji: We’re very excited to have our second eco-blogger @stephhicks of with us this morning. #FijiMe


theroadforks: @stephhicks Enjoy Fiji! Have you met @keithsutter who traveled RTW looking for green ideas?


theroadforks: So jealous of @theplanetd for the #fijime tour! Have an amazing time, guys. I will be reading every post. :)


stephhicks: I practiced law for 15 yrs; saw a need 4 education re: sustainability & decided 2 use research/writing skills to create a green blog #FijiMe


stephhicks: I represented developers and saw frustrations on both sides concerning environmental impact #FijiMe


stephhicks: @WildJunket thanks! Looking forward to it! #FijiMe


theroadforks: @stephhicks I am a recovering Environmental lawyer, quit my job to travel full-time & write so excited about your trip to Fiji! #fijime


stephhicks: @theroadforks @keithsutter - I have now! Following him and will check out his Twitter stream! thx #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks There is certainly a growing interest in environmental issues ranging from conservation to green travel. #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji There certainly is! Many resorts/hotel chains are greening practices in response to guests demand #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Your blog covers many topics from greening a wedding to energy conservation. What’s your favorite topic to write about? #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji I love writing about small, every day things we can do to save energy/money and the environment. My kids often help! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Your kids are little environmentalists in the making! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji We wash in cold water, use energy efficient light bulbs, turn down the thermostat and lights! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji - Yep! My oldest has won 2 prizes in environmental inventions contests. :) #FijiMe


TourismFiji: We love those blue ribbons! RT @stephhicks: @TourismFiji - Yep! My oldest has won 2 prizes in environmental inventions contests. :) #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Not all destinations are eco-friendly. What easy tips would you offer travelers to lower their carbon footprint? #FijiMe


stephhicks @TourismFiji - ask housekeeping 2 change the bed once per week, re-use towels, recycle off-site if necessary, close drapes when gone #FijiMe


TourismFiji: Green tips while traveling RT @stephhicks: ask to change sheets 1x/week, re-use towels, recycle off-site, close drapes when gone #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji You can also turn off lights, adjust the thermostat when you are out of the room. Unplug your devices too #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Any way you can cut down on consumption, energy use, water use, do so. #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks These are great #green tips for our Fiji visitors, and for all aspiring #sustainable travelers! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji thank you! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks You mentioned on that an exotic vacation was on your “to do” list. Was Fiji ever one of the contenders? #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Honestly, I probably thought of a location closer to Oregon, but I simply love tropical/beach vacation! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji I have friends that have visited Fiji and have many great things to say about it #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Between your friends’ reviews about Fiji and your own research before the tour, what does #FijiMe mean to you now?  


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Vacations are unique 2 the traveler (weather, circumstances, time of year, location) “FijiMe” speaks 2 qualities U seek #FijiMe


stephhicks @TourismFiji In other words, I love photography, sustainability and good food. I’m hoping to focus on those qualities there #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Someone else might be more interested in nightlife - clubs, dancing, etc. #FijiMe


TourismFiji: You will find all of these & more RT @stephhicks: I love photography, sustainability & good food. I hope to focus on those qualities #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Sounds awesome! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks In fact, because we know #sustainable travel is so important to you, we’re sending you to a very special place… #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks One of your destinations while on the #FijiMe Tour is to Fiji’s “Premier Eco Adventure Resort”… #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks You’re staying at @MatavaFiji! Take a look: #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Sounds amazing! I cannot wait to experience it! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Unbelievably beautiful waters! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji (just had to forward the link to my family) ;-) Wow - how beautiful! #FijiMe


theplanetd: Hey @lilbridge @scubadivergirls @stephhicks @inhabitat @meganfinley @offbeatbride See you soon on #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks @MatavaFiji is a member of TIES (@ecotravel) and offers multiple (eco-friendly) activities: diving, fishing, kayaking. #FijiMe

(For more information about TIES, click here.)


TourismFiji: So you’re happy with the surprise? ;) RT @stephhicks: @TourismFiji @MatavaFiji @ecotravel - I can’t wait to do it all! Very excited! #FijiMe

stephhicks: @lilbridge @TourismFiji - hope to see you there! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji most definitely!! Very awesome surprise! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: We had a feeling you would! RT @stephhicks: @TourismFiji most definitely! Very awesome surprise! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Well, you got it right! :) #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks We will be sharing more itinerary updates over the next week, but @MatavaFiji will have to tied you over until then. #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji @MatavaFiji - I guess I’ll live :) Thanks very much! Now I wish I was going next week! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: Vinaka for joining us today @stephhicks! Do you have a question for our #FijiMe eco-blogger? Stephanie would be happy to answer a few.


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Of course! I will be around for another 5-10 minutes, but anyone can post in my stream and I will answer later! #FijiMe


TourismFiji: .@stephhicks You may not be going for 2 weeks, but keep an eye on @scubadivergirls and @lilbridge. They arrive a week from tomorrow! #FijiMe


stephhicks: @TourismFiji Will do - following them on Twitter and the #FijiMe hastag :)

TourismFiji: .@stephhicks Vinaka again, Stephanie. We will be talking to you soon! #FijiMe

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This November, Tourism Fiji is sending 8 bloggers to experience the adventurous, romantic and eco-friendly amenities of the Fijian islands. Not only will they enjoy five days of scuba diving, white water rafting, relaxing spa treatments and cultural traditions, they will be telling you all about their experience in real time! Track their itineraries and ask them questions on twitter, facebook, YouTube, flickr and here on tumblr.

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